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How To Help

If you would like to donate to Jamie's Heart Foundation, you can mail a check or money order to:

Jamie's Heart Foundation
2732 East Main Ave
Puyallup, Washington 98372

Or you can submit a payment online using your credit card:

Jamie's Heart Foundation uses Paypal to receive secure online donations.

Dorothy Sousley Memorial Fund

This special fund is used to assist single parents who are caring for their child affected by a congenital heart defect. Learn more about the Dorothy Sousley Memorial Fund here.

Use the Paypal button below to specifically donate to this special fund.

Corporate Sponsor

Learn how your business or corporation can help assist Jamie's Heart Foundation. Please contact us at sponsors@jamiesheart.org for information on becoming a sponsor.


An endowment is a permanent fund created with donor gifts. These gifts are invested and only the earnings are spent to support the foundation each year. The fund continues in perpetuity, because the principal is never spent. Part of the earnings may be reinvested in principal to keep the endowment growing in pace with inflation. Endowments are critical to the foundation, because they provide a predictable stream of income to help us plan for and continue our mission far into the future.

Endowments offer an opportunity to perpetuate your love and support for the foundation beyond your lifetime. Donors of endowments can name the fund and select a program that will benefit. The endowment may be named for someone the donor wishes to honor. Donors will be recognized by the foundation in its annual report as well as other noteworthy publications and website.

The minimum amount for establishing an endowments is $25.000. Endowments can be increased by gift or bequest at any time, by anyone.

Individual gifts may be designated to any endowment. If an individual wishes to designate their direct gift to an endowment, a written request must accompany the gift. Gifts of any size may be added to an endowment at any time. Gifts may be made by check, stock transfer or credit card. Specify the endowment name on your check or other payment.

If you would like more information to start an endowment with Jamie's Heart Foundation, please contact us at (253) 380-7700 or by email at tim@jamiesheart.org.

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