A picture of the 2017 Jamie's Heart Foundation Gala that says 'Our History'

Jamie’s Heart Foundation strives to provide financial and emotional support to families who are battling childhood heart disease. We provide personalized support on a case-by-case basis because we know every family has a different story and different needs. Since 2007, we have served the Pacific Northwest community. Starting with the Dallas-Fort Worth area, we now look to expand outside the region with the vision to reach more families and offer more assistance. Jamie’s impact has no boundaries.

Ways We Help

Medical Expenses

Over 50% of all children born with a congenital heart defect will require an invasive surgery to be performed in order to correct the defect. The cost of these life-saving treatments can place a heavy financial burden on families.

Jamie's Heart Foundation provides financial assistance for non-covered or uncompensated medical expenses. This can include medications, co-pays, medical equipment, etc.


CHD procedures and surgeries are often performed by medical specialists, and as a result, many families have to spend time and money traveling to see these specialists.

Jamie's Heart Foundation provides assistance by finding discounted airfare and financial aid to cover travel costs for children and their families.

Family Housing

Families also face a variety of other family housing costs that occur while their child is being treated, and we help lift this burden to allow parents to focus on being by their child’s side.

Jamie’s Heart Foundation provides financial assistance for families with hotel costs, due to having to travel out of town to receive treatment.


More than 50% of children born with a CHD will require 1 invasive surgery, which also results in inpatient stays at a medical facility for recovery.

During these inpatient visits, Jamie's Heart Foundation provides encouragement through hospital visits, care packages, baskets, and more directly to children and their families.


For families with multiple children, it can be difficult for a family to be away from home for extended periods of time.

Jamie's Heart Foundation provides opportunities for families to enjoy attractions such as sporting events, zoos, children's museums, and more.



Jamie’s Heart partners with InStitches Embroidery to bring personalized stuffed animals to children diagnosed with a congenital heart defect. This program began in 2022 thanks to the wonderful Kim Hudson and her passion to bring kids a little bit of joy and happiness during their courageous battle with CHD.

Jamie had a love for stuffed animals while in the hospital or doctor’s offices, and it provided her with some emotional support during her two years. Today, we honor her by offering this same type of support to children with heart defects.

We can continue to provide assistance to families affected by CHDs through your generous donation

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